The CIK-CAK ART webshop accepts a variety of payment options, including cash payment upon delivery, money transfer, online payment/net banking or via PayPal.

Cash payment upon delivery: the goods are paid when delivered by the express delivery service. Payment is possible only in cash. Note – buyer pays to the delivery service a refund of the amount of cash paid to the sender (min. 5 kn or more, depending on the amount charged).

Payment by money/credit transfer or by internet banking: these payment methods imply a cash payment in a postal office or a bank, as well as payment to a giro account of CIK-CAK ART j.d.o.o. through internet banking. When selecting a payment via money transfer, the buyer will receive all the information necessary to make the payment to the email address he has provided in his order. If you have not received your payment information to your email address, we suggest that you check your spam folder or contact us to check the order status.

The payment by the buyer implies a payment to the giro account of the CIK-CAK ART j.d.o.o. The payment into the CIK-CAK ART j.d.o.o. account is visible the next business day, ie within 24 hours of the payment. Payments made on Friday are most commonly seen on Monday, when the items are being sent by the delivery service.